Facing issues with your Kodak printer, thinking to throw it outside. Wait for a second, here are some of the brilliant fixes which might help.  


Kodak printer is the product of Eastman Kodak Company which is an American technology that produces products with its historic basis on photography. One of which is Kodak Printer. Kodak Printer provide many features in their printers, in fact, there is one model name All In One printer.  But with some great features, there are some issues also which are being noticed in Kodak Printer.

Here are some of the issues and their fixes which will let you decide when to toss up your printer from the window.


1.    Error Codes:

If you are getting error codes on your Kodak Printer, you may follow the procedure to correct it.

i.    Turn the machine off by using both switches.

ii.    Firstly, turn off your Sub switch on the control panel.

iii.    Wait for 20 seconds then turn on your Main switch and then the Sub switch.


If still, the error does not reset, call Kodak Printer Customer Support


2.    “Printer won’t print” message:

This type of error message occurs when the printer is not connected by Ethernet Cable. If you are having a Kodak Printer Wireless model then check if your Wi-Fi is enabled and is connected to the right network.  This problem also occurs when the drivers are not installed on your system.


3.    Fax Issues:

If there is a line on the faxes you are sending then clean both sides of the glass with a cleaner. If you are having a transmission problem then go through following steps:

i.    If you are not having a dial tone, check to make sure if the telephone line is plugged into the wall outlet. If the given line chord connection is correct, then call your customer care.

ii.    If someone is having dial tone but is unable to send to one or two number, verify it.  Call experts if they are correct.

iii.    Having problem in sending or receiving faxes, please check your phone line.



4.    Printer printing blurry text:

The situation can come when your printer may be printing faint text because of dirty print heads. You can simply run a mode which can be run to check and clean the Kodak printer’s print heads and other internal equipment. 


These were some of the Kodak Printer issues with their fixes.  If your problem is still not solved, visit the main website of Kodak Printer.

For HP Printer Support you can simply visit HP Printer Customer Service